• Papadum ($2.95)

  • Vegetable Pakora- ($3.95)

    Vegetable Fritters 

  • Sweet Banana Pakora-($4.95)

     Sweet Banana Fritters 

  • Chicken Pakora - ($4.95)

    Chicken Fritters 

  • Onion Pakora-($3.95)

     Onion Fritters

  • Coconut Samosa (2pcs) ($4.95) Grated coconut in a pastry stuff

  • Vegetable Samosa (2pcs) ($4.95)

    Delicately spiced potatoes, herbs cashews nuts and raisins stuffed in a light pastry 

  • Chicken or Meat Samosa (2pcs) ($5.95)

    Crispy turn overs with seasoned chicken or ground beef mince potatoes and green pea

  • Chana Puri ($5.95)

    Stir fry spiced chick peas served with puri

  • Ginger Gobhee ($6.95)

    Cauliflower florets sautéed with bell peppers ginger, garlic, soya sauce, spices, spring onions and cilantro 

  • Mushroom or Spinach Baji ($5.95)

    Stir fry mushroom or spinach aromatic spice with Poori

  • Jhinga Bhaji ($7.95)

    Shrimp in a spicey chili masala with poori 

  • Allor Chop- ($6.95)

    Potatoe cake, chick peas and onions tossed in tamarind sauce

  • Chicken 65- ($6.95)

    Marinated julienne of chicken sautéed with sweet and spices, green chilies, tossed with cilantro and spring onions 

  • Mulligatawni or Lentil Soup- ($4.95)

     Purred lentils flavored with fresh herbs, delicate spices and cilantro grated fresh coconut, garnished with julienned of ginger and carrots 

  • Chicken Shorba- ($4.95)

    A delicately spiced clear Chicken soup with tellicherry peppercorns juilienne of carrots with fresh ginger spices and herbs

  • Chicken Wings ($6.95)

    Served with vindaloo sauce 

  • Fried Mozzarella Sticks ($7.95)

  • Fried spicy Calamari ($7.95)

  • Cucumber Raita ($3.95)

    Homemade yogurt with grated cucumber 

  • Mango Chutney-($2.95)

     Fresh semi ripe mangoes slow cooked with spices and vinegar 

  • Green Mixed Salad-($7.95)

     Cucumber, apple, lettuce, and tomato 

  • Chicken Tikka Salad- ($10.95

    Served with lettuce tomato and chicken tikka

  • Chana Chat- ($7.95)

    Chick peas homemade whipped Yogurt with graded cumin seeds and cilantro 

  • Aloo Chat - ($5.95)

    Potato homemade whipped yogurt with grated Cumin seeds and cilantro 

  • Papri Chat ($6.95)

    Lentil fritters homemade whipped yogurt with grated cumin seeds and cilantro 

  • Sautéed Spinach Mushroom ($8.95)

    With sliced almond


  • Chicken Tikka Masala-

    Marinated cubes of boneless chicken smoked in tandoor and sautéed in a rich tomato spices and fenugreek sauce

  • Classic Chicken Curry-

    Tender chicken cubes cooked with griddle roasted whole spices poppy seeds seasoned with mustard seeds and aromatic curry leaves

  • Chicken Zafrani-

    Marinated cubes of boneless chicken smoked in a Tandoor and simmered in a velvety sauce of cashew nuts and spinach saffron

  • Chicken Korma-

    Cooked with mughlai style with almonds and mild creamy hot sauce 

  • Chicken Kadai-

    Cubes of chicken sautéed with whole spiced , cubes of bell peppers, tomatoes and ginger 

  • Chicken Bhindi-

    Chicken cooked with fresh okra in mild or hot spicy sauce

  • Chicken Saag-

    Chicken cubes cooked with purée of spinach spices ginger and garlic 

  • Chicken Dhansak-

    Chicken cooked in Persian style with lentil and spinach spices ginger and garlic 

  • Chicken Sobzi-

    Chicken cooked with fresh vegetables in medium hot sauce 

  • Chicken Zalfrezie (Jal-fry-zee)

    An Anglo Indian specialty cubes of chicken cooked in a sour sweet and spicy sauce tossed with capsicum and diced onion 

  • Butter Chicken-

    Diced barbecued chicken toss with fresh cream and butter sauce 

  • Chicken Vindaloo or Madras-

    Very hot or mild spiced 

  • Chicken Achari-

    Spicy and sour chicken curry

  • Chicken Makhni-

    Thick buttery cream sauce with fresh herbs and spices 

  • Apna Chicken-

    Chicken with marinated cubes of paneer smoked in Tandoor and sautéed spinach and basil pesto spicy tikka sauce 


  • Lamb or Beef Tikka Masala-

    Boneless broiled lamb or beef cubes cooked with masala sauce

  • Lamb or Beef Rogan Josh-

    A popular lamb or beef preparation from Kashmir and cooked with onions tomatoes 

  • Lamb or Beef Korma-

    Tender lamb or beef cubes cooked with purée of cashew nuts saffron and spices

  • Lamb or Beef Saag-

    Tendered lamb or beef cubes cooked with purée of spinach ginger garlic and herbs and spices 

  • Lamb/Beef Vindaloo or Madras

    - Very hot or mild spice 

  • Lamb or Beef Bhona-

    Cooked with chopped onions tomatoes green pepper and medium hot spices

  • Lamb or Beef Bhindi-

    Cooked with fresh okra with mild with hot spicy sauce tandoori mild spicy sauce 

  • Lamb Pachanda-

    Homeless lamb pachanda cubes marinated in yogurt and tandoori spices 

  • Lamb or Beef Sobzi-

    Cooked with fresh vegetables 

  • Lamb or Beef Keenan Chana/Aloo-

    Minced lamb or beef cooked with chickpeas or potato 

  • Lamb or Beef Dhansak -

    Lamb or beef cooked in Persian style with lentil and spinach in medium hot sauce 

  • Lamb or Beef Achari-

     Spicy and sour lamb or beef curry 


  • Bombay Fish Masala(Salmon or Mahi Mahi)-

     A specially of the western coastal region of India fillets of seasonal fresh fish simmered in a tangy sauce of coconut ginger garlic and spices 

  • Shrimp Curry-

     Succlent Shrimps simmered in a coconut tomato tamarind and red chili sauce tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves

  • Shrimp Bhona-

    Cooked with tomatoes onion green pepper with Indian spices

  • Seafood Mixed Curry-

     Tilapia,scallop,calamari shrimp simmered in tangy sauce of coconut ginger garlic and spices

  • Shrimp vindaloo or Madras-

     Very hot or mild spice 

  • Shrimp saag-

    Shrimp cooked with mildly creamy sauce

  • Jhinga Malai-

    Juicy shrimps cooked in coconut flavored curry 

  • Jhinga Tikka Masala-

    Spiced shrimps cooked in our fresh caspsicum

  • Fish Tikka Jalfrezie-

    Cubes of salmon cooked with fresh capisicum

  • Shrimp Bhindi-

    Gently spice shrimps cooked with okra in mild curry

  • Prawn Mushroom Spinach-

     Fresh shrimps with cremini mushrooms spinach in madras sauce

  • Apna Seafood-

    Tilapia scallop calamari shrimp simmered coconut ginger garlic spinach and basil pesto spicy tikka sauce 


  • Nav Rattan Korma-

    Seasonal fresh vegetables cooked in a sauce of cashews nuts dry fruits and saffron 

  • Palak Paneer/Mator Panner-

    Fresh baby spinach or green peas and cubes of cottage cheese cooked with onions ginger garlic and cilantro 

  • Aloo Gobhee Adrak Masala-

    Florets of cauliflower and potatoes tossed in sauce of tomato cumin garlic red chilies 

  • Malai Kofta-

    Dumplings of cottage cheese potatoes dry fruits sautéed in a rice sauce of cashew nuts

  • Bhendi Andrana-

    Fresh baby okras sauteed with onions tomatoes ginger garlic

  • Vegetable Jalfrezie-

    Medley of vegetables cooked in a sour sweet and spicy sauce 

  • Chana Saag Chick Peas and Spinach Cooked with mild or hot spices

  • Aloo Baingan

  • Vegetable Vindaloo or Madras-

    Very hot or mild spice

  • Vegetable Dhansak-

    MixVege cooked in Persian style with lentil and spinach in medium hot sauce

  • Vegetable Karahi-

    Sautéed with whole spices cubes of bell peppers tomatoe ginger chick peas and mushroom

  • Chana Masala-

    Chick peas mixed with creamy masala sauce 

  • Dal Makhni-

    Black lentils slow cooked with tomatoes ginger garlic spices with cumin seed

  • Dal Tadka-

     Split yellow lentils cooked with ginger garlic cilantro and curry leaves 

  • Panner Tikka Masala-

    Marinated cubes of panner smoked in tandoori cooked in with Masala Sauce

  • Achari Paneer-

    Grilled Indian paneer cheese cubes marinated in spicy pickle with curry sauce 

  • Apna Vegi

    Mix vegi with marinated cubes of vegi smoked in Tandoor and sautéed spinach and basil pesto spicy tikka sauce


  • Naan or Butter Naan- ($3.95)

    Leaved flour fluffy soft bread

  • Peanut Butter Naan- ($3.95)

    Leaved flour fluffy soft bread

  • Garlic Naan (3.95)

  • Coconut Naan ($4.95)

  • Rosemary Naan ($4.95)

  • Kashmiri Naan (4.95)

  • Kheema Naan ($4.95)

  • Onion and Black Pepper Kulcha ($4.95)

  • Allo Paratha ($4.95)

  • Pudina or Basil Paratha ($4.95)

  • Rosemary Paratha ($4.95)

  • Mughlai Paratha ($4.95)

  • Kheema Paratha (4.95)

  • Paneer Naan ($4.95)

  • Cheese Naan ($4.95)

  • Tandoori Roti ($4.95)

  • Lacha Paratha ($4.95)

  • Spinach Paratha ($4.95)

  • Puri ($2.95)

  • Dal Puri ($2.95)


  • Vegetable Biryani ($11.95)

  • Chicken Biryani ($12.95)

  • Shrimp Biryani ($15.95)

  • Lamb or Beef Biryani($13.95)

  • Basmati Rice($2.95)

  • Coconut Rice($5.95)

  • Mughlai Biryani($11.95)


  • Tandoori Chicken- ($13.95)

    Chicken on the bone of ginger and garlic paste strained yogurt

  • Saffron Chicken Tikka- ($13.95)

    Cubes of boneless chicken marinated in strain yogurt

  • Chicken Malai Kebab- ($13.95)

    Tender pieces of boneless chicken in a marinade of green chili paste

  • Reshmi Kebab-

     Succlent roles of chicken mince blended with aromatic herbs

  • Lamb or Beef Seekh Kebab- ($13.95)

    Juicy rolls minced lamb or beef blended with cilantro 

  • Lamb Chop Tandoori ($20.95)

  • Tandoori Prawns- ($20.95)

    Tiger prawns marinated in lemon juice

  • Tandoori Salmon or Red snapper ($20.95)-

    Filets of salmon or red snapper marinaded in ground spices 

  • Tandoori Sea Scallop- ($20.95)

    Sea scallop marinated in ground spices

  • Tandoori Fasal ($13.95)

    Florets of cauliflower broccoli zucchini bell peppers mushrooms 

  • Paneer Tikka($13.95)

    Homemade cottage cheese with saffron marinated in lime juice


  • Gulab Jamun

  • Kasari Rasamalai

  • Rice Pudding 

  • Kulfi(Indian Home Made Ice-Cream)

  • Cheese Cake

  • Chocolate Cake

  • Tiramisu 


  • Plain Lassi ($4.95)

  • Mango Lassi($4.95)

  • Fresh Lemonade ($4.95)

  • Ice Tea (3.95)

  • Spice Iced Tea ($3.95)

  • All Soda (Coke Diet Coke Sprite Ginger ale Seltzer) $2.95

  • Coffee $2.95

  • Espresso $3.95

  • Cappuccino $4.95


  • Three Course Dinner Special 4pm-12am 

  • $16.95

  • Appetizer

  • Main Course 

  • Dessert 


  • Tandoori Dinner Combo- Samosa, Pakora, Papadum, onion relish, and chutney with Tandoori chicken, shamai kebab, vegetable curry, vegetable dal, and saffron rice

  • Apna Special Dinner- poori, chutney, chicken Karahi, mixed vegetable curry, dal, and rice with dessert, coffee, or tea

  • Seafood Dinner Combo- Samosa, Pakora, papadum, chutney l, and onion relish with crab or shrimp or salmon curry, dal and Coffee or tea

  • Tahl-E-Bhojan Vegetarian Dinner- Samosa, Pakora, Papadum, onion relish, two vegetable curries, Raita, saffron rice and poori, dessert, tea or coffee 

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